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See what people are saying about Palumbo Foods


Palumbo Foods goes above and beyond for our company. As one of our top vendor partners, they go the extra mile for us. We can rely on them 100% as a supplier. Their service and quality are by far superior in the industry and they standby their product. We are proud to partner with such a great company for the past 8 years.

-Miami, Fl

A couple of outstanding young ladies that I personally work with are Alyssa and Kimiko Palumbo. Alyssa is the Sales and Food Safety Specialist, and Kimiko is the Sales Manager. From the very beginning, the both of them have jumped right in and made me feel like a part of the team with open and loving arms!! Words cannot describe how exceptional they have been to me and my company. Their dedication and drive to not only promote new products, but to also cultivate new ideas and strategies, to negotiate sales with their current products, by far exceeds anything that I have ever seen. Palumbo Foods is hands down the best!!! :)


- Atlanta, GA

Our company has been using Palumbo Foods for all of our mushroom needs for years now. I can say first hand that their quality and price are the best I have ever used. Their sales staff and customer support team are second to none. They are professional, courteous, and readily available to help you with all of your questions or concerns. I highly recommend Palumbo Foods for all of your mushroom needs.

-Tampa, Fl

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