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Retail Turns Better with Palumbo Foods

Palumbo Foods retail packaged fresh mushrooms have given retailers a superior alternative to stale, legacy suppliers. Freshen your assortment with Palumbo Foods and your customers will thank you for it!

The Palumbo Foods team has the knowledge and experience to present the most competitive, fresh, and aggressive offering industry wide. If your'e searching for superior quality, service and pricing, look no further than Palumbo Foods.


Its our expertise...

Palumbo Foods is the food service mushroom king! From coast to coast, Produce Distributors rely on the expertise of Palumbo Foods to deliver on time, with the best quality and price.

From mom & pop to multi-warehouse distributors, they all call Palumbo Foods partners in their success.

It's where we started and it's where we'll always be. By your side when product is tough to source, Palumbo Foods is your partner year round.

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QSR Mushrooms

Pizza, sandwiches, stir fry - mushrooms are a must!

Palumbo Foods understands the importance of pricing and quality in the QSR space. Our mushrooms are served on everything from pizza to sandwiches throughout the US. Our partners count on us to deliver!

Our customized programs allow customers to dictate what they need and Palumbo Foods makes it happen. Custom pack sizes, custom sliced mushroom tub colors, and specialized pricing makes Palumbo Foods the "go to" for QSR mushroom needs.



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Seasonal Produce

Palumbo Foods excels in offering our customers a multitude of seasonal produce options at great rates.

The bounty of nature meets the convenience of deliveries to your dock! Our commitment to freshness is showcased through our exquisite selection of seasonal produce. Palumbo Foods brings you a vibrant array of fruits and vegetables at their peak flavor. Our dedicated team works closely with local farmers to ensure that only the finest, in-season produce makes it to our shelves. Experience the taste of each season with Palumbo Foods – your go-to destination for premium, farm-fresh delights year-round!

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