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Our customers demand the best, because their customers deserve the best.

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From our farm to your table...

The Palumbo Foods story starts off just like many family owned farms in the US. One generation teaches the next how to grow mushrooms with love, dedication and a pure talent for the craft. As one generation steps back, the next is there to carry on the legacy, bringing the knowledge and experience along.

Palumbo Foods, originally founded as Tony Palumbo Mushroom & Trucking, was the next iteration of growth. Originally founded as a trucking company that hauled mushrooms, Palumbo Foods changed all of that. By assembling the most talented team in the business, Palumbo Foods was able to change course and become one of the fastest growing fresh mushroom distributors in the US. The focus on customer service fueled the growth as it was what was missing in the industry. The mindset that "Our customers demand the best, because their customers deserve the best" caught on and drives our team to be the very best everyday. 

Palumbo Foods now ships fresh mushrooms all throughout the US; servicing food service distributors, grocery stores, and QSR establishments. From our home in Avondale, PA, we ship hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh mushrooms a week. 

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